March 18, 1943

80 years ago

The Japanese captured an Anderson County soldier fighting in the Pacific theater. Herschell Mitchell (U.S. Navy), previously reported missing since the fall of Corregidor, was announced as a prisoner of war, held in a Japanese concentration camp on the Philippine Islands. He was the son of Mrs. Addie Mitchell of the Western High neighborhood.

City High principal Mr Edw. Adams was the speaker at the rotary function the previous Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Adams spoke on chemical warfare and methods for civilian defense against dangerous wartime chemical attacks. He explained that some chemicals were heavier, clinging to the ground, while others dispersed more into the atmosphere, causing ailments of the mind and body alike.

U.S. Navy seaman Wm. Wiley was in Lawrenceburg to visit his wife and children. He escaped the sinking of U.S Cruiser Chicago. He said that the ship was in battle the day before it sunk, and took heavy enemy fire. It was being towed for repair, when Japanese forces targeted the ship. Wiley was on an upper deck when the bombs began to rain down on the badly damaged vessel. He recalls being in the water for an hour and a half before a tow ship picked him up. The surviving crews were taken to New Zealand, then carried aboard a luxury liner to California.

The Beta Club gave a banquet in honor of the City High basketball team. Don Towles acted as toastmaster, with Miss Ann McBrayer reading a statement of welcome. Mr. Wm. McGurk was the main speaker, giving an amusing talk on the experiences of the Bulldogs team throughout the season. Coach Ed Adams read aloud a letter written to Eugene Waterfill, past manager of the basketball and football teams who was serving overseas.

March 15, 1973

50 years ago

The Anderson County Bearcats dropped a hard-fought regional semifinal game to Shelby County. The team was outscored in the first three quarters 14-15, 31-32, and 44-46 before pulling ahead in the fourth by a razor-thin margin. Unfortunately, they were outmuscled in the end, losing 61-55. Bearcat Anthony Stratton was tough in the paint, helping give his team a boost against the resilient Rockets.

A mounting threat loomed against citizens of Anderson County, according to reports. It was not the threat of nuclear war or Russian invasion, but rather of alcoholism. According to the Anderson County Comprehensive Care Center, treatment was available for those who were plagued by the rising abuse of alcohol in the county. Recent studies indicated that 5% of adults could be defined as alcoholics in 1973, with numbers on the rise. A series was planned to address topics of alcoholism, such as defining it and identifying whether someone is or is not abusing alcohol.

Miss Anna Bond Chilton, formerly of Lawrenceburg, resided in Pasadena California where she accepted a position as a research assistant to Dy. Stanley Mooneyham, President of World Vision International. World Vision is an interdenominational Christian service organization headquartered in Monrovia. It objectives are Christian social service, leadership development, emergency aid, missionary challenge, and evangelistic outreach. Chilton is the daughter of Mrs. Louise Chilton and the late Huntley “Jake” Chilton.

Reports indicated that local farmers ought to plan harvesting their crops before the fall rains. Periods of heavy rain were likely in November, but could come earlier into October. The reports warned farmers to plan on harvesting as early as possible so as to not lose any crops to the fall deluge.

March 17, 1993

30 years ago

A 35-year old Waddy woman narrowly escaped harm in a single-car accident. Victoria Morton’s van overturned near Smith’s Grocery on KY-151 after she told police she was changing out cassette tapes in her vehicle’s stereo system. Morton, heading northbound, left the roadway and struck a telephone pole and a mailbox before coming to a complete stop.

Jesse Eugene Haynes of Lawrenceburg was indicted incest charges, with at least eight separate incidents happening between he and a female under the age of 14 years old between 1988 and 1992. The charges against him were a class-C felony.

The Anderson News announced that Daryl Crawford would be writing an outdoors column once a month, covering topics such as hunting, fishing and camping. Crawford planned to focus his fishing endeavours on local hotspots on the Salt River and Taylorsville Lake. Crawford was the director of the Anderson County Sportsmen’s Club, as well as a local insurance salesman. His wife at the time, Judy, worked at Chilco Services, and they have two sons and a granddaughter.

Three birth announcements were made in the March 17 edition. Todd and Charmayne Hill of Willisburg Road announced the birth of 7 pound, 11 ounce Jacob Andrew Hill, measuring at 19 ½ inches long. Jim and Denise Freeman of 112 Beth Drive announced the birth of 9 pound, 12.5 ounce Alexander Marrow Freeman, measuring at 22 ¼ inches long. Anthony and Chesta Jewell announced the birth of their first child, seven pound one ounce Payton Faith Jewell, measuring at 20 inches long.

March 19, 2008

15 years ago

The Anderson County School Board laid out elementary school districts, parceling out where students would be attending school the following year. It was reported that 21% of the county’s elementary students would be changing schools the following year under the new plan. Parents who were unhappy with where their child was placed could request a different school.

Charles M. Scruggs, owner of Hustle Entertainment of Tennessee, was booked into the Franklin County Detention Center, charged with failing to pay Eagle Lake Convention Center more than $4,200 owed to them after an event. Police say Scruggs took the money obtained at the door and left without paying the venue.

Frederick Graeter pled not guilty to first degree murder and tampering with evidence. Police allege Graeter stabbed Robert Snider at the Lawrenceburg Food Court, leading to Snider’s death. If convicted, Graeter faced 20 years to life in prison.

The Robert B. Turner Academic Team placed first in district competition, also winning in the quick recall category. Members of the team included Cole Labhart, Dalton Cook, Kelly Burkhead, Zachary Carmichael, Brice Stockton, Austin Phillips, Austin Bragg, Makenzie Wiley, Jacob Crouch, Tyger Gilkison, Zachory Obanion, Cameron Payton, Deanna King, Amber Devine, Trulee Gilkison, Heather Howard, Micala Frederick, Griffin Gillis, Chris Anderson, Taylor Paden, Cory Smith, and Jack Douglas. Coaches included Tracey Birdwhistell, Katie Hutton, and Shannon Wells.