Well, I have tried to keep opinions to myself for a while, though there have been a lot of things going on to make staying quiet difficult. I have to say if my walls could talk they would let you know how I really feel. This country is going to bad places in just a short period of time thanks to those who want to control and destroy this nation as well as the world we all live in and we seem to be doing not much to counteract that. However, for now I will just stick to the topic of an opinion piece written by someone who obviously and repeatedly told us she definitely dislikes Mr. Thayer. As always I say to each their own when expressing their likes or dislikes, whether it be on an issue or about a person. I am not writing this to defend Mr. Thayer per se, but I am in agreement with him on not legalizing any sort of marijuana product because like other drugs it can alter one’s cognitive abilities. Since I don’t know much about marijuana personally I decided to see what has been written about it as far as if there is a difference between medical and recreational marijuana and basically saw that there is not a substantial difference.

Several years ago when Mr. Carlson wrote an article about medical marijuana I submitted my own opinion piece on the topic. As I stated then as well as now, for me any product that can affect the brain or possibly become addictive is a danger to adults and to our youth especially if it is easily attainable. By that I mean we all know now about the prescription opioids such as oxycodone (OxyContin) which were prescribed for pain management by healthcare workers which then turned into a very addictive drug epidemic that destroyed a lot of lives. It was bad enough that adults became dependent on these pain medications but it also became an epidemic affecting our youth in some cases since it was readily available in some households. We can all talk about ONLY prescribing medical marijuana to those who need it for pain management but how foolish is it to think that it would ONLY be limited to those people and not be used by others. We do not need more drugs to dull our senses because right now we need to focus on what is going on in this country and the world around us. Some of those running our countries would love nothing better than for all of us to be in “La La” Land so they could control all dialogue and thus control us.

Take a look at those places here in America that not only legalized medical marijuana, but other drugs as well. See how well those cities are doing, with their dirty streets lined with hopeless stoned people oblivious to what is going on around them as they wait for their next fix. Unfortunately, they are not only destroying themselves, but they are also a burden to their communities, and yet it seems to go unnoticed by those in charge. I could go on and on, but for me in the end once you keep opening a door even slightly it never shuts and we already have a terrible drug problem going on in this nation. I know many may disagree with my assessment of medical marijuana and whether it is harmful or addictive and they will condone its use until maybe it affects them personally or others around them.

Am I sympathetic to those in pain? Of course I am, but again, this does not only affect them but all of us. Especially if it becomes a problem as we all know it probably will at some point. There have been many who over the years reasoned that they were only using “recreational marijuana” to take the edge off until it did not and then they proceeded to stronger drugs. Sadly many of them are no longer around.

In ending this, I say make your own choices and decide whether those choices are ultimately in your own best interest, but also maybe think about the interests of those around you too. For me, legalizing medical marijuana is not in the best interest of this state or this nation.