The Anderson County BOZA, now headed by Jerry Gritton and Gary McInturf (left), met to discuss monthly business last Thursday.

The first order of business in last week’s BOZA meeting dealt with the conditional use permit application for the bourbon barrel storage on the property of Chris and Melissa Hanks at 2160 Harrodsburg Road. Robert Wiedo explained that the board could discuss it. Wiedo also said that he had a proposed finding of fact if the board voted in favor of the applicants.

Gary McInturf brought up the idea of the applicants offering pressure washing to people living nearby. He then stated that the Fiscal Court should be the one to apply the pressure washing to the entire county for all involved.

No visitors at the meeting came up to speak, so McInturf made a motion to approve the application and the proposed finding of fact. All voted in favor, and it was unanimously passed.

Other business was also dealt with. The landowner of 1155 Duncan Road said they had purchased the land this past summer and that they wanted approval to use it as a short-term rental. A motion was made to approve the request, and it was unanimously approved.

Another individual who has a property off Crooked Creek Road requested his property to be used for an Air B&B. It was unanimously approved.

Later, they voted on the new chairman and vice chairman for the board. McInturf nominated Jerry Gritton to be the new chairman, and it was unanimously approved. McInturf was nominated as vice chairman. It was seconded by Gritton. It was unanimously approved.