Whether you knew it or not, we were sharing Spencer County this past year with far away parts of the world, and we will be doing so again this year as well. Exchange students from Korea and Japan experienced Spencer County High School, living with local families, and had a life-changing adventure. Soon we will be welcoming students from France, Korea, Germany, and Spain, for this upcoming year.

EF High School Exchange Year is an exchange program that places students from Europe and Asia with Spencer County families, and into SCHS. The students learn about daily life here in Kentucky, and, in particular, Spencer County.

They come over very excited about attending American high schools, including everything from riding the yellow buses, to playing American football. Students bond closely with their families, as was evident when Kyle, from Korea, and Lucas, from Japan left this past spring, with promises of returning to visit as soon as possible.

These experiences lead to life-long relationships, with both friends and families alike. Visits back and forth are common over the following years. Lessons are learned by both the visiting exchange students and the hosting families. Exchange is definitely a win-win experience!

Host families commit to room and board only, as students come with their own insurance and spending money. Hosts need to be 25 or older, but can be single, couples, with or without children. The placement is supported all year by a local coordinator, who helps with initial paperwork, and secures the school slot.

So let’s get ready to welcome the new students coming, and learn more about the countries they will be representing. If you want to become involved, contact Sally Crespo, the local International Exchange Coordinator. You can reach her at sunbeam916@yahoo.com, or 502-593-0318.

— Submitted to The Spencer Magnet