The Spencer County Elementary School Archery team provided a February update.

The team earned 1st place in the Sawyer Heartbreakers Tournament

Individual medalists were:

• 1st — Collin Grissom

• 1st — Emmalin White

• 2nd — Cayden Vincent

• 4th — Owen Brown

• 4th — Haylee York

In the Thomas Nelson Winter Qualifier, the team earned second place, and met their team goal of breaking 3,000 points with a score of 3,035.

Individual medalists were:

• 1st — Cayden Vincent

• 3rd — Collin Grissom

• 4th — Chance Ried

• 5th — Drake Kelty

• 5th — Haylee York

In the ACMS February NASP IBO 3D Challenge, the team earned first place, and their new high score with 3D with a score of 1525.

Individual medalists were:

• 1st — Cayden Vincent

• 1st — Haylee York

• 2nd — Trace Swincher

• 2nd — Emmalin White

• 3rd — Owen Brown

The team earned third place at the Longhorn Games at Mercy Academy.

Individual Medalist was:

• 4th — Emmalin White

The team is now preparing for the Kentucky State Tournament on March 17 and 18.