The safety project will consist of replacing the existing KY 155-Taylorsville Road bridge (structurally deficient) over Pope Lick Creek with a wider structure that will provide turn lanes at the South Pope Lick Road intersection. This will improve the current traffic operations and safety of the intersection since the north side of South Pope Lick Road will be realigned with the south side of South Pope Lick Road.

The “Louisville Loop” multi-use path also goes under KY 155 where it is a metal grate that is cantilevered off the east abutment. The metal grate multi-use path will be replaced in the same approximate location with a wider, safer, concrete walkway and appropriately sized hand railing.

The bridge will be replaced with a structure that will accommodate the future widening project 05-8908, which consists of the widening of KY 155 (Taylorsville Road) about 300 feet to the east of KY 2265 (Hatmaker Trail) and proceeds to the west. Even though KY 155 is a north and south route, it swings due east and west over the project limits. Construction terminates on KY 155 just near Old Taylorsville Road.

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