Dollar General No. 5.jpg

The sixth Dollar General store in the county will begin construction this year in Mt. Eden. Pictured is the newest Dollar General at 4849 Mt. Washington Road that officially opened in May 2022.

Spencer County buyers will have a new place to purchase goods.

Planning and Zoning Administrator Julie Sweazy read the second reading of a zoning request for the Mt. Eden Christian Church, Inc. and Estate of Nathan Davenport for Susan A. Cox.

The request was to rezone 1.047 acres located at the corner of Mt. Eden Road, Hwy. 44 and Van Buren Road, Hwy. 636 from R-3, residential to B-2, commercial.

Sweazy will have the authority to work with the representatives of the Dollar Store developers as to specific landscaping requirements after Spencer County Fiscal Court approved the zoning request.

There will be either an established setback or a variance in regard to the Van Buren Road side. The variance would be needed of 33 feet, if the established setback is not sufficient.

On Market Street, the variance needed would be 44 feet, if the established setback is not sufficient.

The building itself will be masonry appearance, all four walls. A monument sign will be erected, and the area for the storage of dumpsters will possibly be extended to make it larger, and will also be masonry appearance to match the building.

This will be the sixth Dollar General location in Spencer County.

The court voted unanimously to approve the zoning with the above mentioned variables.


Also at the meeting, Magistrate Dan Pharris started a discussion on future possibilities of solar farms coming into the county, and the fact that there are not any regulations in place. There are not any current plans in the works, but there are some in the surrounding counties, such as Shelby and Anderson.

Sweazy said that she had actually spoken to the planning commission in Anderson County, and they do not have any specific regulations in place, and that if a proposal came in, she would defer them to the board of adjustments to take care of it. Sweazy said that she would to the commission to see if they would like to start working on getting some plans laid out.

Tourism and Economic Development

Also at the meeting County Judge Executive Scott Travis informed the court that the new Tourism and Economic Development Director Lisanna Byrd has been working on the possibility of getting someone from the bourbon industry into the county, either with a small distillery, or barrel storage.

Byrd is also working with local businesses to see if she can help with any grant writing possibilities. She had a meeting last week with Debra Lawson at the Spencer County Public Library about getting an electric car charger installed at the library, among other things.