Most of you are getting used to seeing more of me in public, at local events, and just “out and about” in general. After years of being “behind the scenes” at The Magnet, I am enjoying being in the forefront and seeing and talking with members of the community.

That being said, I am happy to be spending this week on the beach in L.A. with my sons, on what some have said is “a well-deserved” vacation.

I will, however, miss out on some local coverage, such as the Board of Education meeting that took place Monday night, and what I was most excited about, the Main Street Movie Night this Saturday in downtown Taylorsville. “Free Guy” with Ryan Reynolds will be projected on the side of The Red Scooter building.

Hopefully, someone will take some photos of events happening while I am gone. Also, I appreciate all of you in the community that have helped me in this transition over the past year.

I will keep doing my best to share what is going on in the county.

So, that is why I am not going to be seen this week. I have not reverted back to hiding in my corner office like I was known to do when I first started at The Magnet, I am living it up in L.A., trying not to get a sunburn.