The Downtown Main Street Committee addressed fiscal court at the Jan. 17 meeting requesting some funds to help with some future projects.

Committee members Kim Elsey, Sharaon Whitworth, Vickie Easter, David Easter, Steve Conte, Beverly Ingram, David Young, and Brian Brashear. Brashear and D. Easter addressed the court.

They started out by informing the court about Downtown Main Street and what they do. Main Street has mostly been funded by itself, with various fundraising throughout the year, such as the Gourd Festival, Dinner in Jail, and the Progressive Dinner. They do have a few sponsors that help out, but those profits are put back into the city.

Over $10,000 has been spent on the jail and the fencing around it, and Main Street paid to have all the lights, planters and benches put on Main Street.

“What we’re trying to do is revitalize the county and bring more businesses into the county. And what we’re attempting to do is to be part of that. We have Master Gardeners on our staff, volunteer staff that do all the gardening for the planters,” said D. Easter.

“We’d like to have you folks consider us when we do your budget. Whatever support we can get will be greatly appreciated. We’re a non-profit, our only funding comes from the volunteers and our sponsors. And we tap them on the shoulder every year and they’re gracious enough to fund us, so we’ll have the funds to put on what we have,” he added.

The magistrates were handed packets showing different phases of projects. The first phase that they have been looking to do for some time is expanding the light posts farther down Main Street to Point Street. The committee did not have hard numbers for the court to look over, but gave an estimate of at least $30,000 per project. Grants are available for smaller communities like Spencer, but those funds are limited.

Ingram approached the podium, and wanted to make sure the court knew exactly what Main Street does and what they have accomplished.

“Everything that looks really nice down here is a Main Street project. What we want to do is continue what we’ve done. We want to make your city really nice. We have people who come in here on a daily basis from all over the United States,” said Ingram.

The court asked the committee to come back to the next meeting with some hard numbers for each project, broken out into phases, so they could discuss, and figure out if and how much the county could possibly donate to their cause.

“Main Street is the focal point of Spencer County, and we should be interested in putting money into downtown, along with the city and tourism committee, but we need to focus on one project at a time,” said magistrate Mike Stump.