Mark Yates, City of Taylorsville project manager, was at the city commission meeting on Jan. 10, to give an update on the progress of the upcoming renovations to the city hall and annex buildings.

Yates brought back revised drawings with estimates for new roofs, carpet, lighting, and other items. The commission opted to go over everything on their own time, and bring it back to the next meeting on Jan. 24 to make the motion to go ahead and send the individual projects out for bid. Also at that meeting, the commission will have to vote on how to pay for those projects.

Besides Yates, there were others in attendance to address the commission.

Citation officer Steve Fowler gave a report to the commission at the meeting. He stated that a resident that owes $3,000 in property taxes has set up a payment plan to get that paid off. There are several cleanup projects going on in the city including junk cars and the tearing down of an unsafe garage on Jefferson Street.

Spencer County Judge Executive Scott Travis wanted to make sure that the commission knew about the upcoming Spencer County Bicentennial celebration that is being planned in July, 2024.

“I want the county, city, and every entity in the county to participate in this historic event,” said Travis. There was a time capsule buried at the courthouse in 1974, and that will be dug up, and the contents shown to the public. Commissioner Kathy Spears expressed her opinion that the city and county should “be the umbrella of the event,” and make it mirror the 150th anniversary event in 1974.

Sandy Clevenger was present as a representative of the Spencer County-Taylorsville Chamber of Commerce to ask the commission to waive the permit fee for a Kentucky Shakespeare event that the chamber is hosting in downtown Taylorsville on April 15.

The event will be free for the public, and is not a fundraiser. There will be at least one food truck to provide food for those in attendance. Another item that has not been covered yet is the cost of the port-o-potties needed for the day. It was established that the chamber would be responsible for the cleanup afterwards. The chamber is spending just under $2,000 to put on “Shakespeare on Main.” The commission voted to put the item on the agenda at the next meeting to put it to a vote.

Travis McQuinn with Tech Monster was on hand to discuss the ongoing microphone issues inside city hall. McQuinn informed the commission that the previously proposed ceiling microphone scenario would not solve the feedback problem. His proposal was to move the speakers to the back of the room, which would also be done at a much smaller expense.

Along with that, he would be able to look over all the wiring for the whole system and fix any issues that may be found. McQuinn was instructed to work up a quote and bring it to the next meeting on Jan. 24.

Taylorsville Police Chief Brian Sumner gave his monthly report to the commission. There were 21 citations, 103 complaints, 73 school visits, six arrests, two DUIs, 111 business checks, and 15 county runs that were mostly backups.