Officers with the Shelbyville Police Department responded to 525 Hunting Hill Drive on the morning of July 15 regarding a vehicle left in the roadway, according to a citation on file in Shelby District Court.

When they arrived, officers said in the citation they saw a Chevy Yukon in the middle of the road, facing 526 Hunting Hill Drive’s driveway. Officers contacted the residents at 525 Hunting Hill Road. The residents told police that it was their vehicle and that their Ford F-150 was missing.

The victims noticed that the back patio doors were unlocked and that the keys to their vehicles were missing from the kitchen. The victims’ security footage showed two people police have identified as Michael Gray and Lucinda Corona allegedly enter the home through the patio door. While inside the home, police allege stole a PlayStation 4 from the front bedroom and keys to both vehicles from the kitchen.

According to police, the security footage showed the suspects leaving the back yard with a box of stolen property, getting into the victims’ cars, Grey taking the Yukon and Corona taking the F-150, and driving away. The F-150 contained a Glock 21 pistol, so Corona was considered armed with a deadly weapon. The footage showed  the two were allegedly in the victim’s home 3:45 a.m. to 4:45 a.m.

Shortly after the officers took a report, a Shelby County Sheriff's Deputy observed the stole F-150 traveling on Washington Street and turning north on to Seventh Street. The deputy was able conduct a felony stop on the truck on Eminence Pike.

Police said Corona was operating the truck, wearing the same clothing she was wearing on the security footage. The stolen Glock and PlayStation 4 controller were inside the truck. The game system was in the other vehicle. Corona was placed under arrest at 6:46 a.m.. Gray was arrested just 17 minutes later at Cola Commons on Frankfort Road.

Grey and Corona were questioned after they were taken into custody and read their Miranda Rights. Corona allegedly admitted to going in to the home, taking the items, and leaving in the stolen F-150 that she said she knew contained a gun. Gray allegedly admitted to being in the victims’ backyard and claimed that he watched Corona enter the residence, at which time; he fled the area. Gray and Corona were both charged with first-degree burglary.

Reckless driving leads to DUI arrest

According to police, on July 16, an officer with the Shelbyville Police Department allegedly observed Silvano Ramos driving recklessly, almost striking a car head on, as he turned onto Midland Trail from Midland Boulevard, according to a citation on file in Shelby District Court.

Police say Ramos did not yield when the officer attempted to stop him on Midland Trail.

According to the officer, Ramos turned onto Robin Road, almost striking another vehicle in the process. The officer got Ramos to stop behind Milano’s Restaurant. Upon contact, the officer allegedly noticed the smell of alcohol coming from Ramos and that his eyes were watery and bloodshot. The officer also saw three empty Modelo beer cans on the passenger side floor.

Ramos was removed from his vehicle and was allegedly unsteady on his feet.  He admitted to drinking “cervesa” (beer). Ramos was unable to perform a field sobriety test due to a language barrier.  He also was unable to produce an operator’s license.

Ramos was placed under arrest for reckless driving, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, possession of open alcohol containers in a motor vehicle, and for operating a motor vehicle without a license.

Motorcyclist busted for no license, again

According to police, William Michael Berryman was observed driving a motorcycle without a registration plate. It was known that Berryman had a suspended license, which was confirmed by NCIC, which also showed that he had been cited for this three times this year, according to a citation on file in Shelby District Court.

Berryman claimed he had been test-driving the motorcycle, which had been his excuse in the past, according to the citation. The motorcycle was uninsured and its missing tag was expired. Berryman was placed under arrest for driving without a license, to maintain required insurance, and not having a registration plate.

Arrested for falsely reporting an incident

According to police, Timara Reed was arrested at Old Mount Eden Road on July 16 for reporting a false incident.

Man violates EPO

Justin Bramblett was arrested at Detention Road for allegedly violating an EPO.

Failure to appear

The following were arrested for failing to appear in court.

Timara Reed

Ty Thompson