Domestic Violence

Officers responded to a residence on Juniper Drive Nov. 12 after dispatch received a call regarding a possible domestic altercation. Dispatch informed the officers that a female could be heard screaming and that she was possibly trying to leave the residence with her son. Someone could be heard yelling “don’t,” and “why did you do that to him?”

When the police arrived, an officer spoke with the female, who informed him that Ryan Christopher Curtsinger was her child’s father and she had brought their son to visit. She alleges that when she tried to leave with their son, Curtsinger become upset and refused to let them out of his home, and grabbed her around the arm and shoulder.

She also told police that Curtsinger had taken her phone and that is was somewhere in the apartment. Curtsinger’s roommate confirmed the victim’s story, stating that he witnessed Curtsinger allegedly grab her by the arms and throw her against the door.

The victim sustained a cut on her wrist but did not require medical attention. Curtsinger was arrested for fourth-degree assault.

Man charged with assaulting his mother

On Nov. 12, the Shelbyville Police Department received a call regarding a fight taking place on Haven Hill Road. On the officer’s arrival the subjects separated. Zachary Hale had allegedly hit his mother in the eye. His juvenile girlfriend had also allegedly attacked Hale’s grandmother. The officer noted that the mother had bruising on her right eye. Hale was charged with fourth-degree assault.

Alleged drunk driver loses memory of the road trip

At 3:13 a.m. on Nov. 15, an officer was dispatched to Thorntan’s following a clerk calling the police department about a man who had parked his truck sideways in a parking spot and had been inside, allegedly staring at him for 30 minutes.

The officer located the person in question, Randal J. Roberts, standing by his truck, when he arrived. Roberts, whom the officer alleges had the smell of alcohol on his breath, told the officer that he believed he was in Louisville and had been drinking beer and vodka.

Roberts also told the officer that he had no memory of arriving in Shelbyville. A preliminary breath test was administered, showing a blood alcohol of .02 BAC. EMS responded to the scene but Roberts refused to be taken the hospital. He was charged with public intoxication.

Suspended license

On Nov. 16, Officers received a complaint about Toc Sacba Otoniel sitting in front of a residence on Beechwood Avenue since 4 a.m. Officers drove to the address but the vehicle had already left. An officer later witnessed the vehicle turning on to Smithfield Road from Washington Street.

The officer then observed the car return to Beechwood Avenue. Otoniel was arrested for operating a motor vehicle on a suspended license.

Failure to appear

Haley Kruer was arrested on Nov. 10 on Lynn Acres Drive for missing her Feb. 18 court date.