Dear Editor

The purpose of this letter is to urge people to vote AGAINST proposed Constitutional Amendment 1, which would allow the Kentucky General Assembly to call itself into special session by a joint proclamation of the president of the Senate and the speaker of the House of Representatives.

Currently, the governor has the power to call special sessions. The biggest mistake made by the voters so far is allowing the legislators to meet every year, as opposed to every other year.

This proposal is an obvious attempt to grab even more power away from the executive and judicial branches and make it impossible for middle class and poor folks to fight against laws that are not in their best interests. Let me assure you there will be plenty.

The legislative intent is clear; wear the people out. The only ones with influence, time and money will be corporations and the rich. Everyone else will be excluded from the law-making process because they won’t have the money or the time to fight the avalanche of bad laws constantly being introduced. They will be too busy trying to survive.

I recently heard Bob Woodward say something along the lines of a certain politician looking at his office as a possession. That is exactly what is happening in the legislative branch. An elected position should create obligations to work in people’s best interest. Please remember this when you vote. Legislators work for you. Don’t let them turn it around to where you must bow to them. Vote NO on Amendment 1!

Leslie McBride