It's election time again

Every year we are afforded the opportunity to elect our leaders. Every year I continue to see people elected to positions of power who are doing what "they" want and not what the "people" want.

Once again I am going to tell voters that you need to pay attention to who you are electing. Please get involved in the process. Reach out to the candidates. Talk with them about their credentials and plans. Let them know what you want them to do. 

We are about to get the opportunity to go back to the polls to elect a county judge-executive. This position will affect "all" residents of the county.  Please pay attention to who you elect. 
I have known Rob Rothenburger for several years. I have seen his work ethic up close. He’s not afraid of hard work. I served with Rob in the Bagdad Volunteer Fire Department for several years and he always showed up when needed.
During his last term of county judge I actually watched Rob walking in water up to his knees to unclog a street drain in downtown Shelbyville.
Rob also listens to his constituents. As representative, Rob was very responsive to my wife’s and others’ concerns regarding the teachers retirement program. Every comment my wife sent in was given a response from Rob personally. If he did not support her position he provided documentation on why he could not support it. Other elected representatives never even acknowledged my wife's comments.
With dedication to public service such as this I think the choice is clear. Write in ROB ROTHENBURGER for county judge-executive. 
Ken Franks