Veteran Sentinel-News reporter Tammy Shaw has been named news editor of the newspaper, replacing James Mulcahy, who re-retired last week.

Shaw, whose newspaper career started at the Henry County Local in 2017, has been with The Sentinel-News since 2019. She was a features writer for several magazines.

Shaw wants the readers to know exactly what government is doing.

“Transparency is what I’m looking for,” she said. “Although I’m not looking for problems or to ding anyone, I am on alert when something smells of fish. We hold government accountable. We go to meetings for the community, for our readers, and most important, to remind agencies that we’re here.”

Although some see her as unflappable, she admits she is, indeed, flappable.

“I just try to keep it to myself,” she said.

In 2019 Shaw was awarded the coveted Jon Fleishaker Freedom of Information Act Award for her story about two cemeteries near Pleasureville — the Low Dutch cemetery and a Black cemetery, sometimes referred to as Ditto Cemetery. The story and NABVETS prompted community groups to clean up and maintain the Ditto Cemetery.

Although she’s quick to take local officials to task if needed, her favorite stories are features of interesting people, and photographing events.

“Every person has a story – their story – and no two are alike,” she said.