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An abandoned car takes on water on Old Eminence Pike at Spring Oaks subdivision Tuesday. The driver was removed by members of the Shelby Count…

A stop sign is barely visible at the entrance to Spring Oaks Drive at Eminence Pike.

District Judge Donna Dutton gives the oaths of office to Shelby County deputy sheriffs Friday, Dec. 30. A number of state and county officials…

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Judge Marie Hellard gives the oath to Div. 1 District Judge Melanie Brummer.

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Nov. 21

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Did you know that the cranberry used to be called the “craneberry?” When the colonists first learned of this berry from their American Indian …

Shelbyville Mayor David Eaton watches the slide show about his career. Eaton retires at the end of the year after three terms as mayor.

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Members and guests of the Shelby County Historical Society gaze in awe at a home being renovated by owners Paul and Pat Hornback. The home, Ca…

The suspected type of death, as determined by the coroner, delineates how a coroner’s case evolves.

The Shelby County Coroner’s Office has a drop-off program for legal medication disposal. Locations are at their office, Shelby County Sheriff’…

Ivers said the coroner’s office has specific challenges that the public may not realize. Challenges include finding family members to notify, …

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Oct. 31