Oct. 10

Krissia E. Cantu conveyed tract 1 (6.61 acres) of Hail Farm to the Krissia E. Cantu Revocable Living Trust, $590,500 fair cash value, no monetary exchange.

Kelli E. Brown, trustee of the Mattie A. Shehan Living Trust, conveyed 23 acres on Shehan Lane to Kelli E. Brown, trustee of the Alexander Shehan Testamentary Trust, $429,000

Oct. 11

Garry Kuhlman and Mary Dixon Kuhlman, by and through Gary Kuhlman, her attorney in fact, conveyed lot 132 of Todds Station Point, 163 Lincoln Station Drive, to Scott K. Scherff and Laura R. Scherff, $329,900.

Jonathan Kill and Katelynne K. Hill conveyed lot 39 of Benson Trace, Section One to Christopher R. Fuller and Alexandra Fuller, $147,000.

Armaria, LLC conveyed lot 5B (3.191 acres) of the Campbell Property to Freeup Storage Simpsonville LLC, $5,000,000.

Horizon Opportunities LLC conveyed three parcels of land on Washington Street to Freeup Storage Shelbyville LLC, $7,500,000

Sue Dodds Pitt conveyed tract D (five acres) of Walter G Sheets Farm to Sue Dodds Pitt, trustee of the Sue Dodds Pitt Living Trust, $1

James O. Gray and Lisa A. Gray conveyed tract 4A (15.035 acres) of Dover Road Farms to Gabriel Tinsley, $150,000

Carol Lynn Skelton and Kevin Skelton conveyed lot 6 of Crestview Subdivision Two to Thomas Eugene Simpson and Dena Simpson, no monetary value mentioned.

Ashley R. Baumbush conveyed lot 95 of Rolling Ridge, Phase 3A, 241 Rolling Ridge Way, Simpsonville, to Raven Dawn Heinstein,  $255,000.

Oct. 13

Scott Scherff and Lauren Scherff conveyed Lot 17A of Block D in Catalpa Court, 115 Beachwood Avenue, Shelbyville, to Gaines Painting LLC, $155,000.

Louise Sawyers and Michael Joseph Hogan conveyed two tracts on Buck Creek Road Highway to Louise Hogan and Michael Joseph Hogan, $174,000 fair cash value, no monetary exchange.

Anthony Fox and Latacey Fox conveyed Lot 318A of Trailwood Lakes Inc. to Robert E. Fugate, Laquitta J. Fugate and Glenn M. Apple, $5,000

Oct. 14

Abner O. Bonilla-Estrada and Lluvia Toledo Moscoso conveyed Lot 137 of Midland Estates, section 6, to Cassandra Nichole Kelly and Wesley Thomas, $235,000.

Kelli E. Brown, successor trustee of the Mattie A. Shehan Living Trust, conveyed tract 3 (40.05 acres) and tract 4 (15.48 acres) of Shehan Home Place to Kelli E. Brown, successor trustee of the John Alexander Shehan Testamentary Trust, $924,000.

Lynne Macchiaruio, trustee of Macchiaruio Children Family Protection Trust, conveyed lott 177 of Persimmon Ridge, Phase 8, to Jonathon Michael Benson and Anna Hui Benson, $775,000.

David Holliger and Claudia Jean Holliger conveyed Unit A of Building One in Villas at Persimmon Ridge to Robert Godfrey and Janet D. Godfrey, $415,000.

Stephanie Jean Birch and Katherine D Birch conveyed lot 1 of Dover Acres to Brooklyn Paige Moore, $12,500 fair cash value, no monetary exchange.

Cheryl Lee Rose and Sandra Deen Jones conveyed lot 16 of Brittany Estates to Nancy Susan Clark, $215,000.

Darby Lane Smith conveyed lot 10 (5.22 acres) of Stallard Springs South to Aaron Garofola Ashlea Dale Garofola, $760,000.

Michael R. Webb and Donna S. Webb conveyed lot 36 of Dogwood Villa, section 2, to Hunter A. Pipes Jr. and Jennifer Combs Pipes $350,000.

D&M Properties LLC conveyed a property on Spring Street to David Shane Leavell and Darla Leavell, $280,000.

Justin LePage and Elizabeth LePage conveyed tract 1 A (5.08 acres) of Paddocks to Carl R. Sanders and Mary E. Sanders and Mary E. Sanders, $55,000.

Oct. 14

Marcelline Joy Harrod Greene conveyed a property on U.S. 60 to Marcelline Joy Harrod Green and Hope Greene Scriber, $$105,500 fair cash value, $1.

Amanda Kaye Nichols conveyed a half-acre property on Scott Pike to Jason Brent Nichols, no monetary exchange.