SIMPSONVILLE — The Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) presented the City of Simpsonville with a 2023 Safety Grant. KLC Insurance Services workers’ compensation members receive the money to help fund various programs and services that reduce liability and make the city safer. KLC has awarded more than $5.5 million in liability and safety grants since 1999.

Representatives for the city thanked KLC for the funds and stressed the grant’s positive impact on the community. “The City of Simpsonville is thankful for the money to purchase work zone safety equipment to keep our employees safe,” Simpsonville Mayor Ronald Sowder Jr. said. “We will also be sending someone to KLC’s Risk & Safety Conference, which provides valuable information on safe work conditions.”

“Cities are the economic engines of Kentucky, and city leaders take great pride in serving the people who work and live in them,” KLC Executive Director|CEO James D. Chaney said. “We are pleased to provide funding that will help Simpsonville city employees get the vital training they need to perform their jobs safely.”

KLC Insurance Services is Kentucky’s largest municipal insurance program. The agency helps members increase public safety with proactive programs and services. KLC insurance provides affordable liability, property, workers’ compensation, and other municipal insurance products.

In addition to insurance, the Kentucky League of Cities offers employee benefits programs, legislative advocacy, financial and municipal law services, training, community development, and other resources that serve cities.