HILLVIEW — Mayor Jim Eadens and members of the Hillview City Council said they wanted to keep politics out of their city as much as possible.

The council unanimously adopted a resolution opposing the state-proposed House Bill 50, which would require local elections to become partisan, meaning the inclusion of a primary election for each major political party.

Hillview is a non-partisan city, meaning the elected officials do not run based on their political affiliations.

Eadens mentioned that he was recently elected to the Kentucky League of Cities Board of Directors, where he first learned about HB 50. He said he alerted all mayors in Bullitt County about it.

“KLC supports local choice, not our legislators,” he said, adding that primary elections will force candidates to spend much more money in their attempts to run for office.

The mayor further added that many locals know the candidates’ political affiliations anyway, noting that at the city level he believed those affiliations were not as important as the federal or state levels.

“We’re running local elections where we make local decisions,” he said.

According to Eadens, there were 415 incorporated cities in Kentucky, with only six currently holding partisan elections.

“They say it’s a transparency issue, and it is not a transparency issue,” he said. “They’re trying to take that choice away from the cities. We’re saying let the cities, and the school boards, let it be up to each entity to make their local choices.

“There’s a whole lot more to focus on in Frankfort,” Eadens continued. “Potholes are not partisan.”

“I don’t care if people know (party affiliations), but it’s unnecessary,” said council member Wes Stafford. “I think this is gonna hurt the integrity of the office.”

“Our party is Hillview,” said council member Kim Whitlock.

In other business:

- Magistrate Karen Johnson, a former city council member, shared plans for a proposed resort complex in Bullitt County to help signify the start of the Bourbon Trail.

While most council members found the plans to be nice, many argued that Bullitt Fiscal Court should be focusing on other important issues.

Council member Randall Hill said Fiscal Court should be working on a solution to supply Hillview area businesses with gas, blaming a lack of supply to ongoing issues between LG&E and Bernheim Forest.

Hill said that without the gas supply, businesses are looking at other cities rather than Hillview.

Stafford added that the county’s north end was often overlooked by county officials.

Eadens addressed disdain from the county not allowing the city to take over the Maryville pool to help repair and open it for local kids. Although the pool is within Pioneer Village city limits, he said many Hillview families accessed the location.

Johnson mentioned she was looking for ideas on how to enhance the county-owned property located adjacent to the pool. She said there had been plans for a park area over the years but the location was never upgraded.

Eadens shared further frustrations with county officials that were taking credit for bringing UofL Health-Medical Center South to the county, located within Hillview city limits.

The mayor said he wasn’t looking for credit, but felt it would be nice for his city officials to be recognized for their efforts over the years to help bring the hospital to the city.

- The council granted Hill permission to bring plans to a future meeting regarding the Government Center’s kitchen space upgrades.

Council members hoped to revamp the space, with new counters and cabinets.

Hill was concerned about where the money would come from in the city budget for the proposed repairs. However, plans may not be created and approved prior to the development of the city’s next fiscal year budget.

- Eadens reminded that the city would host weekly fishy fry events during the Lenten season at the government center.

The city would also continue its free Bluegrass concerts on Thursday nights, where fish dinners were available.

Proceeds from both events benefit the city’s Operation Santa program.

Eadens thanked Sabert Corporation for supplying plastic utensils and carryout boxes for the fish events.

- The next Hillview City Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 20, 6:30 pm, at the Hillview Government Center. The public is invited to attend.