Jet’s ready to clean up your cars, trucks

    HEBRON ESTATES — A new local business now provides that extra care your vehicle deserves.

    Jet’s Auto Spa officially opened Nov. 1, specializing in auto detailing provided by co-owners Jason Thameling and Jaimy Waddell.

    Thameling said Jet’s could provided services ranging from quick washes all the way to ceramic coatings. They provide both interior and exterior service work as well as paint correction.

    Waddell mentioned Jet’s wash packages, labeled as good, better and best. Each step increases in price but includes more services.

    “We have something for people on a budget,” he said.

    Package add-ons include items such as rims, windshield wipers, mirrors and leather seats.

    Jet’s also provides personal coatings for items other than vehicles, including shoes, hats, coats and luggage. Waddell mentioned that lawnmowers and various lawn equipment could also be sprayed.

    The co-owners, both from Bullitt County, became friends and eventually decided to go into the business together. Waddell also owns and operates a lawn service.

    Thameling mentioned he was a master applicator and installer, specializing in IGL Eclipse Coating, with six years experience. He added that Jet’s was accredited by the Better Business Bureau and fully insured.

    Jet’s Auto Spa is located at 3406 Burkland Boulevard. Open hours are 8 am to 5 pm weekdays. For more information call (502)855-9827 or (502)526-7207.