It used to be that parsley was the only garnish found on dinner plates or buffet tables, it originally was intended as a breath freshener but over the years it was relegated to being a simple ornamental garnish that was the only thing left on the plate after the meal was complete.  As chefs became more creative, so did their dinner plate presentation and we began to see flower garnishes among the salads, soups, and entrees.  This is something you, too, can try at home. Consider your flower garden as a point of interest for the dinner plate.  Flowers can make the plate look pretty but they can also taste good while complementing your menu. 

My sister was the first in the family to start plucking the pansies in spring to put on box lunches that she would make for visitors to the farm.  Most people ate their lunches, leaving the pansy behind.  As time went on, we encouraged people to give them a try, “They don’t really have much flavor, come on, try it” the pressure tactic worked and at least people where now willing to use edible flowers as a compliment, albeit only visual, to their own meals at home.