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The Bullitt County Woman’s Club was so pleased to honor one of our members Mrs. Barbara Pledge for serving our club for 50 years. 

The Multi-Purpose Community Action Agency Senior Center continues to provide services to its elderly clients.

If you were in the business of selling success motivation tapes to make a living, you would want to look successful, right?

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    SHEPHERDSVILLE — The Shepherdsville Elementary Family Resource Center sunk its teeth into the establishment of a new health program for students.

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            SHEPHERDSVILLE – While a few details must be worked out on the usage of fields behind Roby Elementary, youngsters in the Shepherds…

           The English cleric, theologian and evangelist John Wesley had a saying that applies to many of us in America.

Most of us are not fluent in Latin so distinguishing between an Aesculus parviflora and an Aesculus pavia may take some extra effort.  Throw h…

William McKinley, the 25th President of the United States, once said, “In acquiring knowledge there is one thing equally important, and that i…

Tammy Baker was accompanied by her husband and two sons during the formal swearing in ceremony held on Jan. 1.