SHEPHERDSVILLE – In a night of big news, maybe the biggest revelation took only a few minutes to discuss.

            After months and months of requests for assistance, Shepherdsville public works director Tom LaFollette brought forward some good news.

            With requests which had been futile in the past, LaFollette said CSX officials stated that they would be working on at least some temporary repairs to railroad crossings on Highway 44 East and at Adam Shepherd Parkway.

            The director said that the repairs would be a joint effort of the railroad utility and the city.

            The rough crossings have been a constant source of complaints at city meetings.

            Mayor Jose Cubero said that the improvements were on the schedule for CSX and he is pleased that the work will be soon started.

            Traffic delays could be possible with the construction.   

            In other business:

            *Minister Mike Miller said he would come before the city council in the future to officially ask that a street be named in honor of the late Jim Enlow.

            Miller said when he came to the city to join the police force, it was Enlow who provided guidance and advice.

            Enlow served for years as the city’s fire chief and was also part of the police department. When the department had little money, Enlow was known for working with Frank Simon of Publishers Printing to supply needed equipment.

            He also was the creator of a 10-year plan for the department, which at the time did not have the funds to implement many of the suggestions.

            Enlow’s wife, Bonnie, currently serves on the city council.

            *Several openings exist on the civil service and the ethics board in Shepherdsville.

            Cubero said he was working on getting individuals who might want to serve on the boards.

            The city council would have to authorize the mayor’s recommendations, according to the ordinances approved for both.

            *Councilman Brad Whittaker asked that Steve French be remembered.  He was a firefighter who put extra effort into the annual Crusade for Children fund-raiser.

            The former firefighter passed away on Christmas Day.

            *Councilman Mike Hibbard thanks Cubero for having two meetings with him to discuss issues. Hibbard said it was two more meetings than he had with the previous city leader.

            *Several councilmembers thanks the fire, police and public works for their efforts during the recent floods.

            The next meeting of the Shepherdsville City Council will be on Monday, Jan. 23, at 6:30 p.m. at the government center. The public is invited to attend.