Kenneth Gregory

Kenneth Gregory 

A Louisville man is in custody on four attempted murder charges after police say he threatened to kill family members residing in Oldham County.

The Oldham County Police Department (OCPD) arrested Kenneth Gregory, 27, Saturday evening. OCPD, in collaboration with Louisville Metro Police Department LMPD), intercepted Gregory before he had an opportunity to carry out that threat, according to court documents.

LPMD received the initial call Saturday evening for service at 808 Moser Rd. in Louisville. The caller told police that Gregory made threats to harm himself and others. LMPD officers arrived to the scene and took a report, but Gregory left prior to their arrival, according to the police report. Gregory, however, began Face-Timing his father while LMPD was still on scene, wearing ballistic body armor and loading magazines in the video, police say.

Police say Gregory then sent threatening text messages while confirming victims’ addresses in Oldham County. One text message read, “watch my location old man…I’m on my way,” along with a voicemail saying, “I’m going to kill you. I’m going to kill your wife. I’m going to kill your whole [expletive] family. I [expletive] hate you, and I’m on way to do so,” court documents show.

Emergency cellular pings indicated Greogy left Louisville and was en route to the victims’ address in Oldham County.

A ping just shy of 11 p.m. showed Gregory near the victims’ residence in Oldham. That’s when OCPD officers successfully located Gregory driving near that residence.

OCPD, who determined Gregory also had a Mental Inquest Warrant, conducted a traffic stop, where they discovered a hip-holstered 9 millimeter pistol with two extra magazines, two loaded AK-47 magazines on his hip and an additional loaded AK-47 in the passenger seat with an additional rifle magazine, according to the police report.

Officers also discovered body armor in the trunk of the vehicle in additional to an empty rifle case containing six loaded rifle magazines.

“During the investigation, it was discovered that Mr. Gregory was on his way to murder his stepsister and her family,” the report reads.

Gregory’s vehicle, firearms and other evidence was taken to OCPD. He remains housed in the Oldham County Detention Center on a $100,000 cash bond.