Michael Mascardo

Michael Mascardo 

More men have come forward with allegations against Michael Mascardo, the Crestwood resident charged earlier this month with sexual abuse for allegedly groping the genitals of four adult males between June and December 2022.

Media reports of the details surrounding Mascardo’s arrest prompted those four additional men to contact local law enforcement, according to an arrest warrant filed in Oldham District Court.

Although Mascardo bonded out of jail at $500 following his Jan. 8 arrest, the newest warrant, signed by Judge Brittany McKenna on Jan. 13, requires a $5,000 cash bond. His arraignment is scheduled for Jan. 25 at 9 a.m.

In the warrant, Officer Jeremiah Dowell with the Oldham County Police Department describes the four new allegations.

“Following [Mascardo’s] arrest and publication of the allegations in the media, others came forward with similar reports, including four additional male victims describing similar incidents with the last year,” Dowell wrote.

The first victim, according to Dowell, reported sitting in the Truist Bank parking lot in La Grange, approximately a year ago, when Mascardo approached him to ask for directions. As he began to provide directions, Mascardo “touched [the victim’s] leg and then caressed [his] genitals without [his] permission,” according to the complaint.

The second victim told police that in March 2022, he was entering his vehicle at the La Grange Wal-Mart when Mascardo “wedged himself in the door area, preventing [the victim] from closing the door,” according to the complaint.

That victim told police that Mascardo then asked for directions to Sellersburg, Ind. shortly before “grazing the back of his hand over [the victim’s] genitals,” according to the complaint.

“[Victim] responded by lunging the car forward and closing the door,” the complaint reads.

A third victim contacted police after seeing reports to describe a summer 2022 incident. While sitting in his truck in Buckner, the victim told police someone he believed to be “an older woman” approached him.

The “older woman” presented a map and asked for directions to Evansville, Ind., according to the citation.

“The ‘older woman’ who [the victim] has since identified as the [Mascardo], grazed the back of his hand over [the victim’s] genitals without permission,” the complaint reads. “[The victim] pulled away, at which time the [Mascardo] attempted to touch [the victim’s] genital area again.

The fourth victim in the complaint told police that in July or early Aug. 2022, while sitting in his vehicle by the 2600 block of Hwy. 22 in Oldham County, Mascardo approached to ask for directions to Indiana. As the victim began providing directions, Mascardo moved closer and caressed his genitals with the back of his hand, according to the complaint. The victim pulled away and “told [Mascardo] he could not help him,” the complaint reads.

Police say six other adult males have called in response to the media reports, describing similar incidents more than a year old, or that happened outside of Oldham County. Another caller also reported a similar incident in Oldham County, identifying Mascardo as someone who asked for directions, but did not allege any attempt by to physically touch him, according to the complaint.