Fendley sworn in

Daniel Fendley with his family. 

Daniel Fendley was authorized by the Kentucky Supreme Court to begin his service as 12th District Judge on Jan. 2.

He was sworn in by District Judge Brittany McKenna.

The court denied Ashley Ahrens’ recent motion for injunctive relief that would have prevented that outcome.

“Ahrens has filed motions before the Circuit Court, the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court to thwart the will of the people and prevent me from taking office,” Fendley wrote in an email. “Ahrens first lost the election. Now she has lost in every court. Currently she is asking the Supreme Court to rule unconstitutional the very statute under which she filed her lawsuit. I’ve never seen anything so bizarre.”

How the state Supreme Court will rule on Ahrens’ bona fide challenge remained to be seen as of press deadline Tuesday.

In an order entered Dec. 22, the Supreme Court of Kentucky accepted Ashley Ahrens’ direct appeal filed in response to a Dec. 16 ruling in Oldham County Circuit Court that granted Daniel Fendley’s motion to dismiss her challenge to his bona fide qualifications for 12th District Judge.

Chief Justice John D. Minton ordered review of the matter be advanced, with “good cause having been shown.”

The legal saga began just days before the November election when Ahrens filed a motion claiming Fendley had not for the past two years “continuously resided” in the district for the past two years.

Fendley quickly posted a stern denial to his Facebook page filed a motion in Oldham Circuit Court to have Ahrens’ motion dismissed.

In his motion to dismiss, Fendley cited a state statute that says any challenge to the “bona fides of … a judicial nominee may be commenced at any time before the primary,” not afterward.

“Ahrens filed this instant petition more than five months after the primary to undermine the free and fair election process on the eve of the vote,” Fendley said in his motion.

Ahrens’ case centers on an accompanying affidavit by Jill Aguiar, a “friend and companion” of Fendley’s brother, Reed Fendley, since May 2020.In that affidavit, , Aguiar claimed Fendley has not continuously resided in Oldham County during the two-year period.

Fendley called Ahrens’ lawsuit ‘frivolous’ and filled with ‘baseless accusations.’