Jane Ashley Pace

This past Sunday, Sept. 18 marked five years since I moved to the area and originally became publisher of this newspaper.

In my time here, the Henry County Local has had various staff changes, including a different publisher other than myself for two years. We’ve also worked through the challenges of a pandemic and had a change in our ownership.

More recently we have faced a national newspaper shortage and staffing issues at our printing plant that have caused us to reduce our pages and often affected the quality of our printing and color. As I type this, I’m crossing my fingers that the color and quality of this issue is up to par, especially since it’s one of four countywide issues we publish a year.

The Henry County Local has been the official newspaper of Henry County since long before I arrived. We have 165 years and counting of covering the community’s celebrations, anniversaries, struggles, achievements, tragedies and everything in between.

Most days I love my job and have thoroughly enjoyed covering the various events, festivals, ribbon cuttings and meetings, as well as working with our local businesses and organizations.

I have so enjoyed getting to know the people that make up this community. Henry County is home to some of the nicest, hardest working and most caring people I’ve ever met. The pride and history throughout this county makes it a fun community to serve.

Our coverage has helped raise money for organizations, awareness for various issues, had an influence on decisions made within the county and serve as a historical archive of the people, places and things that make up Henry County.

Beyond our weekly paper, I’ve loved publishing special publications like the Henry County Guide we do in partnership with the Chamber, the annual Harvest Showcase program and the Graduation photo section. These sections really highlight what makes this county special. Right now we have voting open for our Best of the Best in Henry County. Look for the ad on the Ag/Extension page of the Local print version to find out where to cast your votes for your favorite businesses.

I want to thank our loyal readers and advertisers. You are the reason I’m in this job and come to work every morning. Without our advertisers and subscribers we would be out of business. Many of our stories begin with a tip from one of our readers - a phone call, email, social media message or letter. Please keep those coming, and please keep reading.

If you are not a regular reader, there is a special offer on the wrap of today’s paper to get the paper mailed to your house each week. Please consider becoming a subscriber.

And if you’re already a subscriber, you can use the offer to extend a year on your account. We don’t want you going anywhere.