Warriors eager to improve on court

2023 Warrior Tennis team

With only one returning senior, the Eminence tennis team has a roster of young talent ready to learn and grow within the sport this season.

“We are a very young team. We will finish the season a lot stronger than we start it as we develop our talents,” said head coach Jason Reed.

Marissa Weaver is the lone returning senior and No. 1 girls singles player for the Warriors. She won at least three of her singles matches during 2022.

“I am excited coming into this season because I am more prepared this year and have grown a lot since I started last season. It is bittersweet at the same time because this is my last season with the team before I graduate,” said Weaver.

With a young team, Weaver will provide strong leadership throughout the season while chasing her personal goals in her final year with Eminence.

“My main goal is to improve and do better than I did last year. I am my own competition and just hope to improve and learn something after each match, win or lose,” said Weaver. “Our team goal is similar: to just play our best. We have a young team this year so I hope all of the underclassmen use these years as learning opportunities.”

Reed echoed Weaver, saying his goal is for Eminence to “have fun, win some matches, develop our tennis skills and build for the future.”

Along with Weaver, several players will have positive contributions to this year’s team after showing promise last season.

“Griffin Smith, an eighth grader, will play number one boys singles. Griffin and Harrison Kessinger, with two years experience, will anchor our number two girls and boys singles respectively. Eighth graders Ashton Brown for the girls, and Trey Heath and Joey Reed, for the guys each have a year’s experience each are going to be our top doubles players,” said Reed.

Likewise, a few newcomers to the team should catch some attention as matches get underway.

“Serenity Breeding for the girls and Matt Virgin for the guys are developing quickly and have already shown they like to compete. Tali Mitchell is making good strides and will help us out as the season progresses,” said Reed.

Luckily for the Warriors, team chemistry has been developing long before the preseason.

“Many of us played a summer league together and I believed that helped us know each other more and know how we all play. It built our chemistry so that we could go into this year more prepared,” Weaver said.

As with any young team, much of the focus will be on developing each players’ skills in order to be competitive in matches. Yet, the team’s camaraderie and desire to improve each day are strengths for Eminence this year, Reed said.

Going into the season, Weaver wanted to thank Warrior tennis fans for their encouragement at matches.

“Thank you for supporting our team and being there to cheer us on at home or away. I am so grateful for the support, especially being one of the newer sports to Eminence,” said Weaver.

The first match of the season was scheduled for March 8 at Oldham County. The home opener for the Warriors is slated for March 30 against Gallatin County.