Henry County Deed Records

7/25/22 - 8/5/22

Jessica L. and Justin Glenn Tyler Parks, of Campbellsburg, to DGRABER 1031 LLC by and through Kentucky Title Inc (Member) by and through Stephen L. Frank (President), of Louisville, lot Drennon Road with an address of 3194 Drennon Road Campbellsburg, $225,000.00.

AR Investments LLC, of Simpsonville, to JC Rental Properties LLC, of Shelbyville, 0.4358 acres Main Street Pleasureville with an address of 1229 Main Street Pleasureville, $100,000.00, general warranty deed.

Terry Stamper, of Jackson, to Gail Henley, of Madisonville TN, house & lot West Cross Main Street New Castle with an address of 145 West Cross Main Street New Castle, $156,000.00.

Timothy Wayne Smith Jr., of LaGrange, and Magan Bernice Smith, of Bedford, to Carl and Marion Preston, of LaGrange, Lot 106 Stonehurst Subd, $15,000.00.

John P. Lea Estate by and through Co-Executors Paul Bryan Lea and Nora Lea Davis, of Campbellsburg, to Justin and Tonya Mahoney, of Turners Station, 1.25 acres Campbellsburg, $12,500.00.

George H. Jr. and Margaret B. Cox, of Sulphur, to B.C. Homes LLC by and through Candida Elaine and William Brian Watts (Members), of LaGrange, Lot 6 Silverview Estates consisting of 1.27 acres, $32,500.00.

Arthur E. Morgan, of Campbellsburg, to Kevin and Samantha Wright, of Campbellsburg, Lot B Tera Verda Subd consisting of 2.69 acres, $34,900.00.

Andrew and Bobbie Jo Zaring, of Turners Station, to Platinum Homes LLC, of Bedford, tract Henry County, $12,000.00.

Matthew and Hyebin Dahl, of Lacey WA, to Larry Randall Jesse, of Louisville, Lot 5B Powell Farm Divided consisting of 2.010 acres, $390,000.00.

Vakle Avon Burgin Estate by and through Jeffrey Boyer Administrator, of Eminence, to Diane Elizabeth Rodriguez, of Eminence, Lot 9 Savannah Aves, $163,600.00.

Charlenna L. Oliver Executrix of the Estate of William D. Olivier, of Sulphur, to Amanda J. and John M. a/k/a John Mark Cottom and Sherryl L. Meador, of Smithfield, Lot 48 Jericho Meadows with an address of 35 Graves Court Smithfield, $353,000.00, general warranty deed.

Matthew Kyle McIntosh, of Crestwood, to Brooke McIntosh, of Campbellsburg, Lot 2 Clark Square with an address of 175 Chilton Court Campbellsburg, FMV $243,000.00, quitclaim deed.

John E. and Mary C. Welch, of Pleasureville, to Brendan Brent and Tammy Sue Craig, of Pleasureville, Tract 1 Welch Farm Division consisting of 31.29 acres, $80,000.00.

Roy Lee and Barbara Lewis, of Olive Hill, to Anneliza Van Der Grient, of Eminence, Lot 65 & 66 Hi-View Court Subd with an address of 325 Henry Street Eminence, $190,000.00.

Judy Tincher, of Frankfort, to Harold Glenn and Jacqueline K. Valley, of Frankfort, 65 acres Little Six Mile Creek, $192,500.00.

Lee and Trula Frederica Congleton, of Bedford, to Christian Brant and Marilyn Janet Congleton, 61.59 acres Sulphur with exceptions, FMV $29,000.00.

James M. Ernst Administrator of the Estate of Arthur A. Ernst, of not stated, to John A. Clark and Denise Coombs, of Smithfield, Lots 15 & 16 Valley Lake Estates Subd, $60,000.00, executor’s deed.

Gun House LLC, of Prospect, to Kylie Jade Duran, of Pendleton, 2.60 acres North side Brownsboro Road, $165,000.00.

Sanford L. a/k/a Sanford Lee and Connie Wade a/k/a Connie Elizbeth Ready, of Greenfield IN, to Laura Lanell Bailey, of Pendleton, Lot 32 Hill Haven Subd Sec 2 with an address of 283 Summit Road Campbellsburg, $55,000.00, general warranty deed.

Steven Keith Morris, of New Castle, and Jason and Heather Morris, of Frankfort, to Collin D. Morris, of Pendleton, 15 ft strip of easement, no FMV stated, quitclaim deed of easement.

Collin Morris, of Campbellsburg, to Cecil and Vicki Whitaker, of Pendleton, 2 parcels West side KY 153, $350,000.00.

Lisa Le, of LaGrange, to Sydney Amyx, of Campbellsburg, 2 Parcels Highland Ave, $176,000.00.

Lola Ray and Connie Griffin, of Campton, to Tessina J. Barrett, of Modoc IN, 3.992 acres North side Pollitt Circle, $57,000.00.

Larry Sculley Jr., of Turners Station, to James Clemons, of Frankfort, 10.00 acres West side KY 1361, FMV $10,000.00.

Barbara Adams, of Shelbyville, to Karen Heyn, of West Caldwell NJ, house & lot Woodlawn Addition Pleasureville, $140,000.00.

Deven a/k/a Deven Michael Chatham and Allison a/k/a Allison Elizabeth Andrews, of LaGrange, to Allison Elizabeth Andrews, of LaGrange, Lot 90 Walnut Hill with an address of 183 Beech Tree Drive LaGrange, FMV $260,000.00, quitclaim deed.

Estate of Robert Van Winkle by and through Rita Eldridge Executrix, of Columbus OH, to CLL Enterprise LLC by and Chris and Eula R. Lawson (Members), of Shelbyville), 2 parcels Sunnyside Road, $137,500.00.

M Jean Lanham f/k/a Murriel Jean Stewart, of Shelbyville, to Marlin and Ruth Hostetler, of Pleasureville, 90 acres Woods Pike with an address of 5871 Woods Pike Pleasureville, $350,000.00.

Gregory K. Meece, of Benson AZ, to Adrian Olvera, of Crestwood, Tract 23 Pollitt Circle with an address of 963 Pollitt Circle New Castle, $15,000.00.

Ryan P. and Brittany Hargrove Roberts, of Pleasureville, to Mattew Haney, of Eminence, Lot 63 Hi-View Court Subd, $185,000.00, warranty deed.

Edwin D. McGaughey, of Shelbyville, to Clinton Douglas and Valerie Marie Golligue, of Eminence, 0.60 acres Main Street Eminence with an address of 5544 Main Street Eminence, FMV $40,000.00.

Amanda McLennan, of Eminence, to Christopher McLennan, of Sulphur, 25.42 acres Wolf Pen Branch Road, FMV $67,000.00, quitclaim deed.

Christopher McLennan, of Sulphur, to George and Amber Phillips, of Campbellsburg, 25.42 acres Wolf Pen Branch Road, $100,000.00, general warranty deed.

Rhelda C. Yount Trustee of the Yount Revocable Living Trust a/k/a Leo 7 Rhela Yount Revocable Living Trust 6-14-06, of Louisville, to Gwendolynn Winters, of Bethlehem, .5 acres Bethlehem-Franklinton Road, $10,000.00.

Kendra Jackson, of Campbellsburg, to Matthew Kyle McIntosh, of Campbellsburg, tract Drennon Creek, $187,000.00, general warranty deed.

Ray M. Morrison, of Carrollton, to Hannah Michelle and James Tyler Daugherty, of Pleasureville, Tract 8 Hill Farm with an address of 885 Sweeney Lane Pleasureville, $115,000.00, general warranty deed.

James C. and Leesa A. Paynter, of Sulphur, to Dawson A. Armstrong and Carrianne Dallas, of Sulphur, 0.50 acres North side Beasley Lane, $175,000.00, general warranty deed.

Ella D. Robinson, of Pleasureville, to Ella D. Robinson and Cheryl R. Clark, of Pleasureville, 2.263 acres South side Hwy 421, FMV $248,500.00.

Southern Petroleum Louisville Inc, of Somerset, to Premier Ag Co-Op Inc, of Seymour IN, Lot 1 Wolfpen Farms Subd with an address of 602 Pendleton Road Pendleton, $2,065,000.00, special warranty deed.

Sarah Hedges, of Louisville, to Courtney N. Hedges, of Pleasureville, Lots 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 & 32 Massie Addition Pleasureville, $114,750.00.


Aimee Elizabeth Branham, of Pendleton, to James Robert Mensing, of Pendleton.

Kimberly Ann Roberson, of New Castle, to Martin Bertand, of Louisville.

Elizabeth Nichole Moore, of Ocala FL, to James Edwin Walters, of Ocala FL.