Engage, Equine Assisted Services Inc., a newer local nonprofit, was the recipient of the 100 Women Who Care, Henry County group donation of $8,195 on Jan. 18.

Engage, located in Smithfield, provides equine assisted services to individuals, families or groups of people by using a team and experiential approach. The teams consist of a licensed mental health professional, an equine professional, a horse(s) and the client. No horse experience is necessary and most of the sessions are done on the ground but a riding component that can be utilized when clinically indicated. The donation by 100 Women Who Care will go directly to use for Henry County children and adults in the programs and to raise awareness.

Jennifer Hegg who started Engage and accepted the donation from 100 Women released a statement saying, “I still haven't been able to really find the words for what this means to me and for Engage, Equine Assisted Services, Inc. The dream of bringing horses and people together to improve mental health is not for the faint of heart. It will test you, cost you, stretch you and change you...but it will also be the most fulfilling thing you have ever done. We are excited to engage our Henry County community in 2023 and will be sharing more new programs and details very soon! Thanks to so many of you generous Henry County women we will be able to make a significant impact here.”

100 Women Who Care, organized locally by Holly Wilson and Catherine Atchison, had their third quarterly meeting with 80 women bringing $100 each to donate to one of the three local 501-C3s nominated and voted on by members. The goal is to get 20 more in the group so they will be up to 100 women and the quarterly donation to a local nonprofit will be $10,000.

This month 100 Women had a little extra money to add to theirs donated from the Henry County Christmas Tractor Parade. Olivia Herrell presented the group a check for $245 collected from tractor entry fees of $5 for individuals and $15 for businesses in December. She said most of the entries gave them more than $5 so the donation totaled $245.

100 Women Who Care’s next meeting will be held in April. Membership is open to any woman (though they won’t turn away men) that wants to make an impact in Henry County and can commit to donating $100 once a quarter. The group is asking for interested members to complete a form and commit to at least one full year. Those interested can find the group on Facebook, 100 Women Who Care, Henry County or email 100womenhcky@gmail.com for more information.

You must be registered to make a nomination for a local non-profit to receive the quarterly nomination. All non-profit organizations nominated must be a Henry County based organization or have a local Henry County chapter, will be verified through the state and must attend the meeting to share and answer questions about their nonprofit.

The idea behind 100 Women Who Care started in November 2006 by Karen Dunigan of Jackson, Mich. as a simple yet effective and quick way to raise money for local charities in need. The group took off and has spread across the country. The groups collectively have donated more than a million dollars to locally based organizations.

To learn more about Engage, visit their website at engageservices.org or find them on Facebook.